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Sandra Watson Rapley

Intended Parents: Miracles Do Happen : A True-Life Success Story of Having Children through Surrogacy

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ISBN: 0595355285
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 108
Book DescriptionWho does a woman turn to when, more than anything in the world, she wants to have a child, but her body refuses to cooperate? Sometimes, all you need is a miracle. In 1998, when thirty-seven-year-old Sandra Watson Rapley and her husband Craig married, both decided that they wanted children right away. Sandra expected some difficulty trying to conceive because of uterine fibroids she had removed years ago. However, she was not prepared for the turbulent?and often times disappointing?road she would have to travel to make her dream a reality. After many failed attempts at drug therapy, ovulation calculation, and in-vitro fertilization, the Rapleys finally learned the devastating truth?fibroids inside Sandra?s uterus were preventing a successful pregnancy. Following months of discussion, testing, and counseling, the miracle that the Rapleys were praying for arrived in the form of a surrogate. Their sister-in-law, Victoria, selflessly volunteered...