Обложка книги The Infertility Answer Book

The Infertility Answer Book

ISBN: 1572485310;
Издательство: Sphinx Publishing
Страниц: 328

Book DescriptionDesigned for those who are beginning to explore their options when it comes to assisted family building, this title offers complete legal answers to all of the questions about fertility treatments and adoption. The title will help you choose whether fertility or adoption is for you and to help you understand and manage the laws and legal issues involved with all of the options. Sperm donors, egg donors, surrogates, embryo donations and emerging technologies are explored and contracts, waivers, consents, payment options, parental rights are discussed in depth. For those considering adoption, the title looks at domestic, agency, private, and international adoptions and discusses home studies, placement issues, waiting lists, applications, fees, facilitators, consents and immigration procedures. Both the fertility and adoption sections consider rights and options for couples, as well as singles and gays. Complete with forms, checklists and extensive resources, this...