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Pat Ganger

Solving The Puzzling Problem Of Arthritis

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ISBN: 0972919732
Издательство: Gom MedPress
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 358
Download DescriptionIn 1946, Washington DC rheumatologist Thomas McPherson Brown, M.D., began using tetracycline antibiotics to successfully and safely treat many of the rheumatoid diseases like arthritis, based on his belief that these diseases are caused by an infectious agent. This book is written as an invaluable handbook for anyone who is using or plans to use antibiotic therapy for rheumatoid diseases. It is the only book that includes most of Dr. Brown's wisdom and insights drawn from over 100 ofhis published scientific papers. It also includes unique, unpublished material from 60 of his medical teaching lectures. Current research that relates to the original understanding of this form of treatment is included to validate it in today's mushrooming world of new arthritic drugs. Written from these sources and the personal experience by two successfully-treated long-term patients, one with RA for over 50 years and one with scleroderma for 25 years, it presents this medical and...