Обложка книги My Heroes/My Parents

My Heroes/My Parents

ISBN: 1413717020;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 166

Book DescriptionThere is an earthquake within us-a tectonic fault-waiting to erupt without apparent warning. There is a stroke to devastate, to undermine the whole: physical, psyche, emotional; to debilitate past all reconciliation, or, prayerfully, as simple as a slight temblor in one small fault. At the opposite end-a T.I.A.-a small warning. This story tells about the shock of a massive stroke and how it affected the lives of one elderly couple who remained in love and dedicated to one another until the very end. It's meant to alert others to the recognition of T.I.A.'s, to the realization that things can be done to prevent and lessen the chance of a massive stroke, and to the realization that, where at all possible, home care, love and devotion are the panacea to see the victim through to the culmination of life. Victim and caregiver. This is one such story.