Обложка книги Coping with Down's Syndrome (Overcoming Common Problems)

Coping with Down's Syndrome (Overcoming Common Problems)

ISBN: 0859699218;
Издательство: Sheldon Press
Страниц: 116

Book DescriptionIn the last few decades life for children with Downs Syndrome has changed for the better. Where once they were marginalized, they are now seen as individuals and are integrated into society. There is a growing realization that Downs children have enormous potential, and their future is brighter than ever before. Fiona Marshall explains Downs syndrome, its causes, and how it is diagnosed. Here you fill find sound, common-sense information on the health issues that your child may face and what to expect as they develop and grow. Included are case studies showing how other children and parents have coped, and lists of organizations that can provide resources, help and support.