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Arthur Winter MD

A Pain In The Neck : The Latest Information on Causes, Therapies, Prevention

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ISBN: 059534920X
Издательство: ASJA Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 106
Book DescriptionA pain in the neck is a common but often medically ignored problem. You no longer need to suffer in silence. This book provides information about such neck-related problems as: Head Turning Pain Whiplash Occupational Disability Dizziness Stiff Neck and Torticollis Shoulder and Arm Pain Numbness or Tingling in The Hands Tension Headache Scalenus Anticus Syndrome Lumps Dr. Arthur Winter is a neurosurgeon and director of The New Jersey Neurological Institute in Livingston, New Jersey. Ruth Winter is the author of 30 bestselling health books. In A Pain In The Neck they present an easy to understand guide containing the latest information on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dysfunction and pain in the very vulnerable area between your head and shoulders.