Обложка книги Lost Senses: Deafness and Blindness

Lost Senses: Deafness and Blindness

ISBN: 076615937X;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 468

Book DescriptionThis work contains two smaller related works. In the Lost Senses: Deafness, the author, having become deaf at the age of twelve, pens this book as a record of his experience. It is not his intention to refer to the events or studies of his life, but to use them to bring out the points and peculiarities of the deaf condition. He selects only those events which arise from, which illustrate, or which are in any remarkable way connected with his deafness. Also found in this volume is the LostSenses: Blindness. In this book, Mr. Kitto compares deafness to blindness. He includes some notable deaf and blind persons, discussing how they have overcome the loss of their sight and hearing. Also found within are several famous musicians, poets, divines, philosophers and travelers, all of which are incredible blind figures in our history.

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