Обложка книги Every Breath You Take: Revolutionary Asthma Treatment

Every Breath You Take: Revolutionary Asthma Treatment

ISBN: 1890995479;
Издательство: Vital Health Publishing
Страниц: 200

Book DescriptionThis book reveals a natural treatment for asthma and other breathing disorders that helps adults and children, no matter how severe their condition. It explains the effective control of asthma with a simple breathing technique, the Buteyko method. Sixteen million Americans suffer from asthma, and traditional research has failed to explain why. This book explores the physiology of the disease and gives new hope for effective treatment! It gives a full description of the technique, all the medical theory, and the wonderful case histories of people who have been relieved from their crippling asthma. It is the result of six years of research and observation by its author, a General Practitioner who now makes this benign, natural treatmentof asthma known to all.