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Grace Casselman

Knocked Off My Knees: Coping When Chronic Illness Hits Hard

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ISBN: 159286693X
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 131
Book DescriptionAny one of us is vulnerable to illness. Grace Casselman was in the midst of a full life as a successful journalist and a young mother when disease hit?Lupus, including serious muscle inflammation and weakness. Within months, she was hospitalized and essentially a quadriplegic, unable to stand up, roll over, or even reach her hand to her mouth to feed herself. Reduced to utter helplessness and dependency, everything was stripped away. All she could cling to was her faith in God. Through His mercy, combined with serious medical intervention and rehabilitation, she was able to return to her family, career, and life. This is her story: her losses, despair, soul-searching, and triumphs. Along with that journey, she also offers counsel andcomfort for those dealing with serious chronic illness, plus meaningful advice for their families and friends.