Обложка книги Spots, Birthmarks and Rashes

Spots, Birthmarks and Rashes

ISBN: 1552976815;
Издательство: Firefly Books Ltd
Страниц: 96

Book DescriptionA parents' guide to childhood skin problems. Spots, Birthmarks and Rashes helps parents identify, treat and possibly prevent childhood skin problems. Clear, color photographs facilitate diagnosing skin conditions and assessing the treatments needed. Skin conditions are covered thematically in five major sections: - Non-contagious rashes - Contagious rashes - Insect bites and infestations - Lumps, bumps and bruises - Birthmarks, pigments and growths Each condition is illustrated and concisely described along with treatment and therapy options. Background information covers the anatomy, physiology and protective care of skin. A special section explains how to care for your child's skin from infancy. The text of Spots, Birthmarks & Rashes is detailed, specific, and very understandable to a non-medical reader.

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