Обложка книги Measuring the Skin

Measuring the Skin

ISBN: 3540017712;
Издательство: Springer
Страниц: 784

Book Description Measuring the Skin presents all techniques devoted to non-invasive normal or diseased skin measurement. As opposed to other books, this text embraces old and new validated techniques for all skin suborgans and functions, and is ideal as a small encyclopedia since it provides the answer to any question concerning skin measurement. Within each chapter, the meaning of the obtained parameters is highlighted so that the user is able to interpret the results correctly, and each technique is discussed to help select the most appropriate one for each special case. Another novel feature is that the book bases the skin investigation on the physiology and anatomy. A compendium of current knowledge on the structure or function dealt with precedes each chapter. The book may also be used as a research tool. This comprehensive text contains an innovative and unique list of more than 400 physical and biological skin constants, which are all referenced. The clinical dermatologist will...

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