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Sleep : Physiology, Investigations and Medicine

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ISBN: 0306474069
Издательство: Springer
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 770
Book DescriptionSleep medicine is a recent discipline but its field of knowledge is already extensive. This results from the progress made in understanding sleep-wake mechanisms, the development of reliable means of investigation, and advances in our knowledge of the nosology of the disorders of sleep and wakefulness. This volume comprises five sections: the first looks at the semiotics of normal sleep in adults and children, sleep mechanisms and the major physiological functions and mental activity during sleep. The second section is a review of the different means of investigating sleep and wakefulness and the methods of analysis currently available. The third section deals with the disorders of sleep and wakefulness, insomnias, hypersomnias, circadianrhythm sleep disorders and parasomnias. The fourth section describes a number of medical disorders which are either sleep-related or simply exacerbated by sleep: snoring, chronic obstructive lung diseases, restless legs syndrome or...