Обложка книги Footfalls On The Boundary Of Another World

Footfalls On The Boundary Of Another World

ISBN: 076618725X;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 536

Book Description1859. Contents Book I. Preliminary: Statement of the Subject; The Impossible; The Miraculous; The Improbable. Contents Book II. Touching Certain Phases of Sleep: Sleep in General; and Dreams. Contents Book III. Disturbances Popularly Termed Hauntings: General Character of the Phenomena; Narratives; and Summing Up. Contents Book IV. Of Appearances Commonly Called Apparitions: Touching Hallucination; Apparitions of the Living; and Apparitions of the Dead. Contents Book V. Indications of Personal Interferences: Retribution; and Guardianship. Contents Book VI. The Suggested Results: The Change at Death.5

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