Обложка книги Sleep Medicine: A Guide To Sleep And Its Disorders

Sleep Medicine: A Guide To Sleep And Its Disorders

ISBN: 1405123931;
Издательство: Blackwell Publishers
Страниц: 325

Book DescriptionOn average people spend one third of their lifetime sleeping. An understanding of the physiology and pathophysiological changes that take place during this time is, therefore, essential to the medical care of patients. Sleep disorders canarise from a variety of causes including respiratory, psychiatric and neurological conditions, as well as pain and lifestyle changes. Consequently, they present to a wide range of clinicians who require an overview of their diagnosis and treatment. The book is divided into three sections. The first group of chapters consider the fundamentals of sleep, the effects of drugs on sleep and how to assess sleep complaints. The main body of the book consists of chapters on individual sleep disorders. Each ofthese has a structured approach, outlining both assessment and treatment. Insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness, awareness during sleep and behavioural abnormalities are covered. The final chapters deal with the important respiratory...

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