Обложка книги Millboro, and More: Introducing Hypnotherapy for Stroke Paralysis

Millboro, and More: Introducing Hypnotherapy for Stroke Paralysis


ISBN: 157733129X;
Издательство: Blue Dolphin Publishing
Страниц: 183

Book DescriptionMarge Rieder, Ph.D., has written two earlier books, Mission to Millboro and Return to Millboro, which have explored the amazing Civil War story that emerged from her regression of many subjects using hypnotherapy. Millboro and More follows a few more threads from that story, as Rieder searches for physical evidence that will verify the characters and places that her subjects so vividly described. Millboro and More also explores interesting new aspects of hypnosis and innovative applications. Continuing her interest in past-life regression, Rieder comes up with some surprising answers to some unusual questions, such as: * Were homosexuals heterosexual in a previous life, or were they always homosexual? * Are the past-life memories of identical twins and triplets the same or do the differ? * Can we remember our time in the womb? Rieder also explores therapeutic uses for hypnotherapy to help us during this life: * Controlling emotions *...