Обложка книги Show Runner: Producing Variety & Talk Shows For Television

Show Runner: Producing Variety & Talk Shows For Television

ISBN: 1879505770;
Издательство: Silman-James Press
Страниц: 192

The show runner is the television producer who commands a show?s moment-to-moment, day-to-day details. The show runner hires and supervises the staff, decides what will be included in each show, coordinates the casting of each segment, makes sure that a show adheres to its budget, and oversees a production?s flow of activities in conjunction with other producers, staff members, technical crews, and post-production personnel. The only book to deal with the subject, this lively, wide-ranging, informative book covers all aspects of show running variety and talk shows for television. Filled with examples from actual television shows, it covers ? making, pitching, and selling a pilot show; ? production development; ? a show runner?s duties and weekly schedule; ? working with other members of a production?s staff and crew; ? producing a season of shows, Along the way, it also defines the roles played by the many producers whose...