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Susan McBane

100 Ways to Improve Your Riding

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ISBN: 071531680X
Издательство: David & Charles Publishers
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 160
Most riders aim to achieve the classical riding position with flawless application of the aids. But without the help of an instructor by your side at all times it is easy for bad habits to sneak in unnoticed. This book is aimed at every horse rider who strives to improve their riding. It is filled with illustrations of common riding faults such as leaning forward, weak lower leg position and uneven pressure on the reins. Alongside each fault is a clear explanation of what has gone wrong and easy steps on how to put it right. Divided into sections, 100 Ways to Improve Your Riding looks at the rider's seat and position - the root of many riding faults such as crookedness and tipping forward. It also discusses common problems withthe application of aids and how this can have an adverse effect on the horse's performance. Susan McBane also looks into the rider's mind, as many faults stem from anxiety or nervousness.