Обложка книги Bonny's Big Day

Bonny's Big Day

ISBN: 031206571X;
Издательство: St. Martin's Griffin
Страниц: 32

What would inspire ornery old farmer John Skipton to enter his 20-year-old workhorse in a pet show? Why, love, of course. Mr. Skipton has worked hard all his life, so hard in fact that he never had time for marriage, children, or "pets." He was always too busy tending the sheep and the cows or harvesting the fields and orchards. However, as old and gruff as he appears to be, he takes time every day to take a pitchfork full of fresh hay to his two old carthorses, Bonny and Dolly, who've been retired for more than 12 years. After years of pulling ploughs and wagons, and doing all the hard work that tractors do now, the two old horses lead a life of leisure down near the river, quite a steep climb for an old man like Skipton. When the country vet suggests the farmer enter Bonny in the Darrowby Fair Pet Show, Skipton dismisses the idea without consideration. But over the course of the next week, the old fellow changes his mind and makes a surprise appearance at the pet show. The lovely...

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