Обложка книги Zone Perfect Cookbook

Zone Perfect Cookbook

ISBN: 1930603924;
Издательство: Silverback Books
Страниц: 168

Self proclaimed diet junkie, Kristy Walker, discovered ZonePerfect and became such a believer of this dieting method she?s made it a lifelong way to eat. Balancing proteins, carbs and fats, she feels it?s improved her energy, mental focus and complexion. The 130 recipes developed with two natural food chefs ? Janet Hampel and Alana Sugar ? feature fresh foods as vibrant as they are good for you. You?ll find: ? Nourishing breakfasts like blackberry andcherry smoothie and scrambled Mexican tofu. ? Colorful lunch salads such as ham, melon, goat cheese on arugula or tangerine shrimp salad with avocado dressing. ? Distinctive dinner recipes such as swiss chard with ginger butternut squash and arame; orange almond tofu stir fry; to seared sea bass with capers and olives. Recognizing you don?t always have time to cook, the recipes have been coded into 3 cooking times so you can select the recipe that fits your lifestyle.