Обложка книги Gardening in the Shade

Gardening in the Shade

ISBN: 1558707204;
Издательство: Betterway Books
Страниц: 142

Based on expertise culled from 100 years of Horticulture magazine, Gardening in the Shade gives readers the authoritative guidance they need to design and plant lovely gardens in the shady corners of their yards. Gardeners will find: * Descriptions of plants receptive to shady homes, from perennials, trees, and shrubs, to bulbs and tubers * Basic techniques and insider tips for creating shade gardens that thrive during a variety of seasons and in a spectrum of regional conditions * 300+ photos to spark creativity and inspire readers with visions of gardens to grow Any gardener with a shady spot will welcome the chance to cultivate a gorgeous garden with the handy advice in this dynamic guide.

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