Обложка книги Shade : Planting Solutions for Shady Gardens

Shade : Planting Solutions for Shady Gardens

ISBN: 0881927554;
Издательство: Timber Press
Страниц: 176

Shade is a reality in nearly every garden, and this guide will help any gardener, experienced or inexperienced, take full advantage of those sometimes tricky shady areas. After looking at shade in different situations—in different sizes and types of gardens, in specific areas within the garden such as hedges and other barriers, and in vertical elements such as pergolas and arches—the book then considers the characteristics of shade-loving plants, looking at brightly colored flowers as well as at plants with distinct types of foliage. Readers will also learn how to use plant companions to create striking designs in addition to the practicalities of preparing, planting, and maintaining a shade garden.

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