Обложка книги A Field Guide to Sprawl

A Field Guide to Sprawl

ISBN: 0393731251; 9780393731255;
Издательство: W. W. Norton & Company
Страниц: 144

A visual lexicon of the colorful slang, from alligator investment to zoomburb, that defines sprawl in America. Duck, ruburb, tower farm, big box, and pig-in-a-python are among the dozens of zany terms invented by real estate developers and designers today to characterize land-use practices and the physical elements of sprawl. Sprawl in the environment, based on the metaphor of a person spread out, is hard to define. This concise book engages its meaning, explains common building patterns, and illustrates the visual culture of sprawl. Seventy-five stunning color aerial photographs, each paired with a definition, convey the impact of excessive development and provide the verbal and visual vocabulary needed by professionals, public officials, and citizens to critique uncontrolled growth in the American landscape. 75 color photographs.

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