Обложка книги Suitcase House

Suitcase House

ISBN: 9628681699;
Издательство: Map Book Publishers
Страниц: 167

Book DescriptionCasting a question mark upon the proverbial image of home, Gary Chang's Suitcase House attempts to rethink the nature of intimacy, privacy, spontaneity, and flexibility. Chang's uncanny prototype proposes a 40-meter long empty rectangular space built on wood strata, flexibly divisible by a series of sliding and folding partitions. That in and of itself is hardly earth-shattering. But lift a pneumatic panel in the floor and up pops a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, cabinets. It's pop-up book meets designer living, and all in 250 square meters of space. A playful game for homeowners, the Suitcase House was designed along with 11 other radical houses for the Artists Commune project near the Great Wall in Beijing. Edited by Laurent Gutierrez + Valerie Portefaix. Essay by Craig Au Yeung. Foreword by Liane Lefaivre. Hardcover, 11.5 x 5.25 in. / 168 pgs / 250 color.

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