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Rhodri Windsor Liscombe

Living Spaces: The Architecture of Fred Hollingsworth

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ISBN: 1894965205
Издательство: Simply Read
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 183
Book DescriptionCanadian architect Fred Hollingsworth designed his first house in 1946. Since then he has created some of the most innovative homes of the twentieth century. Hollingsworth's home designs incorporate an open floor plan and a keen observance of the flow between the inside and outside environment. Using natural materials with an emphasis on texture and natural lighting, Hollingsworth is one of the few modernist architects who look wholly to organic form as the basis of their design aesthetic. Living Spaces is a detailed monograph on Hollingsworth's rich career, revealing how he and a handful of visionary architects pioneered the acclaimed "West Coast Style" and helped establish modern ideals of structure and utility. Through dramatic full-page images, architectural plans, and lucid text from the artist himself, this book follows an acclaimed architect from his early days to his most recent achievements that show his continued commitment to innovation.
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