Обложка книги Perspecta 35 "Building Codes" : The Yale Architectural Journal (Perspecta)

Perspecta 35 "Building Codes" : The Yale Architectural Journal (Perspecta)

ISBN: 0262582457; 9780262582452;
Издательство: The MIT Press
Страниц: 120

Book DescriptionCodes, as systematic forms of regulation and organization, are not the innocuous or neutral documents they are often considered to be. Operating with or without legal sanction, they are formulated to ensure specific and predictable outcomes and are laden with authorial and authoritative intent. Nevertheless, while codes have come to be an increasingly pervasive force in contemporary architecture, they are still frequently dismissed as onerous and quotidian. This volume of Perspecta -- the oldest and most distinguished student-edited, university-based American architecture journal -- investigates the historical and ongoing evolution of the relationship between codes and architecture, from Vitruvian systems of mathematical proportionthrough current strategies in building legislation. Although regulations created to establish restrictive power over building have existed throughout history, architecture today is more than ever bounded, shaped, and...