Обложка книги New Livingroom Design (Compact Books Design)

New Livingroom Design (Compact Books Design)

ISBN: 3937718133;
Издательство: daab
Страниц: 190

Book DescriptionTraditionally, the living room has been the domestic setting for social gatherings and the reception of guests. Over the last decades however, it has experienced many changes with respect to aesthetics and use. One example is the incorporation of movies at home and other technological systems devoted to leisure that have revolutionized the layout and forms acquired by furnishings that have always formed part of this room. In addition, the contemporary living room is also a place in which to rest, relay and enjoy personal hobbies, For this reason, one of the most common and popular trends consists of dividing the living room into two areas: one designated to the more conventional entertainment of conversation and reading and the other devoted to offering the pleasures made possible by state-of-the?art technology.