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Myron E. Ferguson

Better Houses, Better Living: What To Look for When Buying, Building or Remodeling

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ISBN: 0965485617
Издательство: Home User Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 337
Book DescriptionBetter Houses, Better Living helps home owners and home buyers by explaining the basics of home design and building from a user's perspective. Ferguson clearly and succinctly details what makes a house "user-friendly" and a better place to live by focusing on practicality instead of just feeling and looks. The book includes over 500 graphics including 462 photographs that clearly show each element that is discussed. There are also 142 Internet Resources where people can go for more information. A referenced website has hot-links to these Internet Resource listings making them easier to access. And there are 8 Supplements which will be a real bonus to the reader, offering scads of additional information.