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The Housing Education Research Association (HERA)

Introduction to Housing

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ISBN: 0131190423
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 368
Book Description With individual chapters written by housing experts who have specialization within the field, this book is designed to be a collection of chapters/readings about various aspects of housing--an authorship approach that provides more credibility for each individual chapter than if one author had written the whole book. It also gives the book content that goes beyond rudimentary basics, and provides commentary on physical, social, psychological, economic, and policy issues. The book provides background about housing and addresses specific issues that may be critical to future housing decisions. Chapter topics cover the history of housing in America, influences on housing choice and behaviors, home environments and health, the housing industry, federal government and housing policies, interior space planning, housing affordability, and housing challenges for the 21st century . MARKET : For realtors,...
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