Обложка книги The Language of Doors

The Language of Doors

ISBN: 1579652727;
Издательство: Artisan
Страниц: 208

A home's facade speaks volumes. In fact, the changing facades of the American home mirror the changes of our nation—from puritanical Colonial to wealthy Georgian; from the pioneering spirit of the western Prairie style to the industrially inspired Modern. Who would think a front door would have so much to say? But not only does a front entranceway convey a moment in the history of architectural design, it also serves as the most dramatic and affordable means to make your home reflect your personal taste. You've seen many of these entrances before, but perhaps withut knowing their architectural style, the period they represent, or their place in American history. You probably prefer some more than others, but perhaps without knowing exactly why. And you may have een tried visualizing some of the entrances on your own home... With 120 drawings by architect Paulo Vicente and accompanying text by home design expert Tom Connor, The Language of Doors identifies and...