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Steven Miller

Civilizing Cyberspace: Policy, Power, and the Information Superhighway

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ISBN: 0201847604
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional
In Civilizing Cyberspace Steven Miller presents a sweeping view of the many important issues facing society as a result of cybertechnology. But while he writes about technological and philosophical concerns, his writing is free of jargon, making his presentation easily comprehensible to those new to cyberspace. He starts by looking at how past technologies--from the railroads to cable TV--have transformed daily life and then examines computer technology in that light. As he showcases how technology might effect everything from personal privacy to the way we conduct daily business--and even run democratic governance processes--he gives a polite ear both to those who hail technology as a savior and those who rail against it as an enslaver. He then shows how a more moderate path has always prevailed in the past and is likely to again. Although the issues are complex, Miller steps deftly through the interrelated matters of government involvement, business and economic concerns,...
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