Обложка книги Computers: Information Technology in Perspective, 11th Edition

Computers: Information Technology in Perspective, 11th Edition


ISBN: 0131405721;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Providing an overview coverage of computing/IT concepts and applications for beginners, this 11th edition has been updated to keep readers abreast of the thousands of changes in this rampaging technology; currency is the top priority. Over 150 new or updated images reflect the latest releases and innovations in software. Everything has been adjusted to reflect the state of the art. Beginning with a comprehensive section called ?Getting Started,? this book covers such topics as the technology revolution, software, inside the computer, storing and retrieving information, networks and networking, going online, information technology ethics, personal computing, information systems, business information systems, and technology and society. This book provides useful and relevant information for anyone who uses a personal computer whether at home or in the office.