Обложка книги Dating Rocks!: The 21 Smartest Moves Women Make for Love

Dating Rocks!: The 21 Smartest Moves Women Make for Love

ISBN: 0967089344;
Издательство: Java Books
Страниц: 240

Dating Rocks is a 240 page dating manifesto that outlines everything a woman should do to find, date and keep a man -- from being aware of her physical appearance to honing her listening skills. The best part of this book is Nakamoto’s wit as he helps the reader along. As a former Dale Carnegie instructor, personal development trainer, and international tour director, Nakamoto knows how to tell a story. There’s a rather amusing tale of how he and a friend had sworn off all women as gold-diggers since all of the women they encountered at an upscale nightclub would only go out with them once. A friend of theirs tells them, "The problem isn’t that these women are gold-diggers. It’s that you guys unfortunately can’t afford them." Lesson to be learned from such wise words: don’t try to place the blame for your lousy love life on someone or something else; be proactive, take control of your love life, and good things will follow. The book follows a rigid but successful format....