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Thomas S. Valovic

Digital Mythologies: The Hidden Complexities of the Internet

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ISBN: 0813527546
Издательство: Rutgers University Press
Are we letting our techno-toys dumb us down? Are we so wrapped up with living in a sci-fi paradise-- finally --that we can't see the dark, sordid side of our new lives? Writer Thomas Valovic, former editor-in-chief of Telecommunications magazine, pulls aside the curtain in Digital Mythologies: The Hidden Complexities of the Internet . The 33 short essays here shine a light on the assumptions of technophiles, which they might prefer be left in shadow: electronic democracy, scientific spirituality, and portable offices all look distinctly sinister when seen from a new perspective. What if the ritual of voting every other year commanded a different, more considered way of thinking than instantaneous direct polling? How can the materialism inherent in technological solutions transcend itself to give substance to cyber-religion? Why is it a good thing to be able to draft memos and rearrange spreadsheets while sitting in coffee shops? Valovic asks these...
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