Обложка книги Digital Nation : Toward an Inclusive Information Society

Digital Nation : Toward an Inclusive Information Society

ISBN: 0262232383;
Издательство: The MIT Press
Страниц: 176

As our social institutions migrate into cyberspace, the digitally disenfranchised face increasing hardships. What happens when -- in search of quick and cheap fixes -- a government office shuts down and is replaced by a public Web site? What happens whena company accepts only online job applications? Inevitably, those most in need of the services and opportunities offered are further marginalized. In Digital Nation , Tony Wilhelm shows us how to build a more inclusive information society, offeringa plan that reaps the benefits offered by the new technology while avoiding the pitfalls of social exclusion. Technology, he tells us, isn't the problem -- it's the use of technology that can empower or control, unite or divide; we need to recover the ideas of social justice and fairness that have been lost in the rush to make things faster and cheaper. In Wilhelm's vision of an inclusive digital nation, everyone can take advantage of the new technology. With everyone part...