Обложка книги Digital Places: Building Our City of Bits

Digital Places: Building Our City of Bits


ISBN: 0874208459;
Издательство: Urban Land Institute

In Digital Places, Tom Horan argues that cities can be both "wired" and livable and that electronic technology can be used to create gratifying digital places that will attract both people and businesses. In the opening chapter Horan establishes a framework for understanding how digital places can be created at the setting, community, and regional levels. He explains how the changing nature of where and what we do affects design, the importance of integrating new designs with the traditional uses of places, and how a range of users can be involved in the process of creating digital place designs. Drawing on practical examples, Horan illustrates how electronic technology is affecting the bricks and mortar of the places where we live and work. He reviews several innovative home, work, and retail designs and offers specific advice on designing for multiple and changing uses. At the community level, Horan examines new library, school, and community center developments,...