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John Arquilla, David F. Ronfeldt, United States Dept. of Defense Office of the Secretary of Defense, National Defense Research Institute, David Ronfeldt

In Athena's Camp: Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age

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ISBN: 0833025147
Издательство: Rand Corporation (NBN)
The information revolution--which is as much an organizational as a technological revolution--is transforming the nature of conflict across the spectrum: from open warfare, to terrorism, crime, and even radical social activism. The era of massed field armies is passing, because the new information and communications systems are increasing the lethality of quite small units that can call in deadly, precise missile fire almost anywhere, anytime. In social conflicts, the Internet and other media are greatlyempowering individuals and small groups to influence the behavior of states. Whether in military or social conflicts, all protagonists will soon be developing new doctrines, strategies, and tactics for "swarming" their opponents--with weapons or words, as circumstances require. Preparing for conflict in such a world will require shifting to new forms of organization, particularly the versatile, hardy, all-channel network. This shift will prove difficult for states and professional...
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