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David F. Batten, Christoforo S. Bertuglia, Dino Martellato, Sylvie Occelli

Learning, Innovation, and Urban Evolution

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ISBN: 0792385772
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
In the global information society, innovation is a highly pervasive process that influences all facets of human life: cultural, economic, political, and institutional. A desire to comprehend the impacts of innovative change on so many areas of urban lifeprompted the research project that has resulted in the publication of this volume. Our research confirms that we are presently in the midst of an era of rapid and explosive change. The primary engine driving this latest transformation of the post-industrial society is generally thought to be technological. But such an explanation is too narrow. Broadly speaking, the age in which we find ourselves could be more aptly described as a global, knowledge-intensive age. Many of today's knowledge-intensive activities, like research and development (R&D) programs, are being conducted with relative ease on a multinational scale. As well as science having an increasing impact on processes of innovation, R&D activities also have become more...
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