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Vidhya Alakeson, Tim Aldrich, James Goodman, Britt Jorgensen, Jonathon Porritt, Erkki Liikanen

Making the Net Work: Sustainable Development in a Digital Society

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ISBN: 0954621603
Издательство: Xeris
The Internet is the biggest shared space for communication that has ever existed, the mobile telephone expands communication possibilities even further. These two information and communication technologies (ICTs) are helping to change the way humans communicate, widening the possibilities on a scale that is both fantastic and frightening. They are transforming the way we live and work, our social relationships and communities, even our impact on the environment. Can we realise the potential of ICTand make it work for sustainable development? Making the Net Work argues that we can. By investigating the relationship between the use of ICT and regional economies in Europe, researching the intensity of ICT and its potential to contribute to a reduction in resource use, and focusing on the response of business to the opportunities for greater social responsibility, this book affirms the fact that there are no easy solutions to the challenges we face. Delivering...
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