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Patrick Lambe

The Blind Tour Guide: Surviving and Prospering in the New Economy

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ISBN: 9812323678
Издательство: Intl Specialized Book Service Inc
In this highly readable book, Patrick Lambe explores the impact of technological change on business and working life, providing a frontline view of the day-to-day changes that accompany one of the most incredible transformations of society in the world today ? the much debated new economy. Though the book?s context and perspective is Singaporean, the issues discussed are global ones. The thoughtful analysis and engaging style range widely over new economy issues from the forests of Sweden to the cyber cafes of Kazakhstan. Along the way the author makes brief forays into history to display the older resonances with how humankind has adapted to technological change in the past, and to draw pointers for how organizations can continue to learn, innovate and manage risk in the connected economy.
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