Обложка книги The Complete Geek: (An Operating Manual)

The Complete Geek: (An Operating Manual)

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ISBN: 0553061739;
Издательство: Broadway Books

Geeks rule the world--with a straight edge, of course--and they have become the sex symbols of the 90s. The Complete Geek (An Operating Manual) is for the millions of Americans eager to jump on the hot, new, fast track, because if you want a pieceof the action, then you gotta learn the language. Zeke the Geek--brought to life by renowned cartoonist Bruce Tinsley--browses through the basics of geek culture, which covers everything and anything to do with computers and life in the information age,including: GeekSpeak--the geek's own colorful lingo GeekChic and GeekGirlChic--How to dress for geek success, with never before shared tips on the forever classic pocket protector Understanding the Geek Code after dark, in a section called, "Everything I Need to Know I Learned Late Last Night" Netiquette--What every newbie needs to know before a maiden voyage online (You wouldn't want to flame someone you just met, would you?) The first ever GQ exam to...