Обложка книги The Joy of Cybersex: A Guide for Creative Lovers

The Joy of Cybersex: A Guide for Creative Lovers


ISBN: 0345425804;
Издательство: Ballantine Books

THE JOY OF CYBERSEX A Guide for Creative Lovers --Learn to Flirt like a Pro --Find Steamy Chat Rooms --Get Sex and Relationship Counseling --Fuel Hot Monogamy --Go Beyond the Picket Fence --And more! What is the word searched most often on the Internet? You've got it--SEX. But where do you go? What's safe? What do you do when you get there? In this fun, informative, and thoroughly satisfying book, on-line sexpert Deb Levine guides you to all the right sites so you can --Packup the "come here often"--lines and learn to flirt like a pro --Meet your soul mate--or at least a decent date --Get answers to all those sex questions you're too embarrassed to ask in person --Learn how to spice up your sex life --Find out the facts (and expose the myths) of safe sex --Fulfill your real-life sexual fantasies in the safe confines of cyberspace Whether you're an on-line novice or a seasoned pro, The Joy of Cybersex has something for you. Deb Levine...