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Mark Balnaves, James Donald, Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Myriad Editions Limited

The Penguin Atlas of Media and Information: Key Issues and Global Trends (Penguin Reference)

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ISBN: 0142000175
Издательство: Penguin Books
Today, an amalgam of new and old media are used to zip messages and data from place to place and person to person while-every day-new and better technology changes how we communicate. The Penguin Atlas of Media and Information is the first comprehensive guide to this global communications revolution. Filled with full-color maps and graphics, it explains and identifies key issues in the current information age and extrapolates trends that shed light on where the sharing of ideas is headed. It covers: * New technologies * The future of print * Learning online * Cellular phones * Owners and corporations * Piracy * Web sites * Radio * Television * Film * Computers and computing The only guide of its kind, The Penguin Atlas of Media and Information is a must-have for students, professionals, and anyone interested in how the world communicates.
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