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Donald Ervin Knuth

Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About (Csli Lecture Notes, No. 136)

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ISBN: 1575863278, 9781575863276
Издательство: Univ of Chicago Press
How does a computer scientist understand infinity? What can probability theory teach us about free will? Can mathematical notions be used to enhance one's personal understanding of the Bible? Perhaps no one is more qualified to address these questions than Donald E. Knuth, whose massive contributions to computing have led others to nickname him "The Father of Computer Science"--and whose religious faith led him to understand a fascinating analysis of the Bible called the 3:16 project. In thisseries of six spirited, informal lectures, Knuth explores the relationships between his vocation and his faith, revealing the unique perspective that his work with computing has lent to his understanding of God. His starting point is the 3:16 project, an application of mathematical "random sampling" to the books of the Bible. The first lectures tell the story of the project's conception and execution, exploring its many dimensions of language translation, aesthetics, and...
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