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Gary R. Bunt

Virtually Islamic: Computer-Mediated Communication and Cyber Islamic Environments

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ISBN: 0708316115
Издательство: University of Wales Press
This is the first broad-ranging academic survey to explore how Islam and the internet combine and interact. Information technology is now making a global impact on how Muslims approach and interpret Islam. Given its utilization as a primary source of information, the internet also influences how non-Muslims perceive Islam and matters relating to Muslims. Among the issues addressed are: how multimedia applications are being integrated into websites, enabling surfers to listen to and see sermons delivered thousands of miles away and to partake of new opportunities for religious experience; how Muslim organizations are networking globally through the electronic medium, and how that impacts upon understanding of Islam and Muslim identities; how can Muslims and non-Muslims approach the Qu?ran in its digital form; how the internet is used to present diverse dialogues relating to Islam, often reaching wide audiences where other forms of communication are heavily censored.
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