Обложка книги Words Made Flesh

Words Made Flesh

ISBN: 0904311112;
Издательство: Mouse That Spins

This is the book that first challenged our basic assumptions about the nature of the physical universe by suggesting that we might all be living in a virtual reality - and that information might prove more fundamental than either matter or energy. At thetime of publication (1988) this was still a revolutionary idea, but it is now growing familiar thanks to the success of films such as "Open Your Eyes" and "The Matrix". The ideas in this book have even been given an airing on the pages of New Scientist but, fourteen years on, this remains the most thorough and complete discussion of the virtual model of the universe. While others are beginning to explore the concept, the author had been working with it ever since the 1960s when he was studying mathematics at Cambridge university under Conway, himself a pioneer of artificial life studies. What struck the author was the division in society between those who fully accepted a materialistic view of existence and all phenomena, and those who...