Обложка книги World's Wackiest Riddle Book

World's Wackiest Riddle Book

ISBN: 1402709242;
Издательство: Sterling
Страниц: 96

What’s the wildest, wackiest riddle book ever put together? This is, and that's why every one of these jokes and cartoons will drive kids crazy with laughter. Children can pick a category, from “Pet Talk” to “Fast and Freaky,” and find super funnies to return to again and again. What did the little vampire say when they handed it the prize? Fang you very much . Why did the secret agent take two aspirins and go to bed? He had a code in his head . There are even answers that need questions, rather than the other way round: Answer: Wilbur and Orville. Question: Name two brothers who are never wrong. Young comedians will be trying every one of these out on their friends.