Обложка книги Guiding Rights: Trademarks, Copyright and the Internet

Guiding Rights: Trademarks, Copyright and the Internet

ISBN: 0595290558;
Издательство: iUniverse

The Internet Age has dramatically increased the importance of intellectual property rights. Disputes over domain names, shared music files, spam and cybersquatting are only a few examples of the matters now prominent in the news. Mark V.B. Partridge, a seasoned lawyer who advises major corporations on these issues everyday, explains in the articles collected in Guiding Rights the laws and principles shaping these important rights. PartridgeA?s writing is clear and direct, emphasizing the fundamental principles that provide a firm foundation for the core concerns of copyright and trademark law. He also shares practical tips gleaned from many years of experience on how to avoid pitfalls and achieve success in litigation. By avoiding legalese or detailed statutory construction, Partridge quickly identifies the key points necessary for anyone desiring a better understanding of the law guiding the rights of authors, business and entrepreneurs on the Internet. Lawyers...

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