Обложка книги Hacking the TiVo

Hacking the TiVo

ISBN: 1592001114;
Издательство: Muska & Lipman/Premier-Trade

If you own a TiVo, youre already aware of its awesome built-in capabilities. Wouldnt it be cool if you could make your TiVo do even more? Now you can! "Hacking the TiVo" covers the tools that are available to do just that, including MFS Tools, boot-page,monte, BlessTiVo, and many more. Learn what they are, how they work, and what TiVo model theyre meant for. To ensure that all your hard work is never lost, youll discover how to back up and restore your TiVo data. Want to expand your TiVos storage capacity? Youll learn how to replace your TiVo disk with a larger one and how to add a second drive. Want to put a new or old TiVo on your home network? Clear instructions explain how to get access to the machine to install and start popular applications and network services. Dont limit the power of your TiVo! Integrate it with caller ID and AOL Instant Messenger, utilize it for news and sports updates, and use it to display photos and play music. From the hidden menus of the TiVo user...