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Wilber W. Caldwell

Searching for the Dixie Barbecue: Journeys in the Southern Psyche

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ISBN: 1561643335
Издательство: Pineapple Press (FL)
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 108
Book DescriptionSearching for the Dixie Barbecue,with its thought-provoking text and many black and white photos, is a culinary and cultural saga. Here are glimpses of a fragment of society still tenaciously clinging to deep-rooted, primal instincts; to legends of the American frontier; and to the hand-me-down, rural traditions of the Deep South. This is a story about (among other things) regional pride, homespun cookery, backwoods lore, self-effacing "redneck" humor, shameless braggadocio, macho self-imagery, carnivorous bravado, porcine fundamentalism, boldfaced lies, and both culinary and social intransigence. This book will supply you with the elusive answers to three questions: "What is ?real? barbecue?" "How do you find it?" and "What does it mean to be Southern?"