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Jonas Hedman, Thomas Kalling

IT and Business Models: Concepts and Theories

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ISBN: 8763001055
Издательство: Copenhagen Business School Pr
Understanding how IT affects organizations and businesses and how organizations and managers act when engaging in IT investments are important issues. At best, IT is a source that helps individuals and organizations to improve their performance and meet their objectives. At worst, and often, it is an obstacle that costs more to manage than it brings back. This book focuses on how organizations manage IT. How do firms act while deciding upon and implementing new IT? Which are the cognitive and cultural obstacles to these processes? How do firms manage the utilization of IT? Which are the interesting applications, and how do they impact business performance? The book is centred upon the business model concept, which captures a range of relevant aspects of current theory on strategy, such as resources, knowledge and competencies, activities and organization, offerings, markets and management. Different IT applications, such as CRM, ERP and e-business solutions, are analyzed...
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